Homemade preserve recipes

Courtesy of Trisha, Plot 38 Gooseberry Chutney 1 litre/2 pints of green gooseberries 275g/ 10oz sultanas 1 onion 1 litre/2 pints vinegar 40g /1 1/2 oz ground ginger 40g /1 1/2oz mustard seed 75g/3oz salt 225g/ 8oz sugar 7.5g/1/4oz cayenne pepper 15g/1/2oz turmeric Chop the gooseberries,sultanas and onion;put into the preserving pan with the vinegar,ginger,mustard … Continue reading Homemade preserve recipes

An allotment holder’s musings

So, I've been thinking about this growing season, and my experiences so far. This is my third season up in Powerstown, and I had one of the smaller plots to begin with. This year I took on a second smaller plot in April giving me a 10m by 10m area. My plots: Pests! This year … Continue reading An allotment holder’s musings

Powerstown Allotments Newsletters

Powerstown Allotments Newsletter no 1 spring 2015 Welcome to the first Powerstown Allotments Association Newsletter. We hope to send out a newsletter several times a year. Comments, feedback and contributions welcome.  Interim Management Committee From 2015, Fingal County Council want Allotment Associations established at each allotment scheme in Fingal. Each Allotment holder will have to become a member … Continue reading Powerstown Allotments Newsletters

Reflections on my allotment…….by our allotment holders

From Ritamary, allotment holder in Powerstown for 3 years: I really enjoy the opportunity to be out in the 'country' - I love growing food, it's great to have your own fresh produce in the kitchen, and nice to share too, when it catches up on you.  I suppose my pet joy is my herb … Continue reading Reflections on my allotment…….by our allotment holders

A Cold January Morning at Powerstown

I ventured up to the allotments on a crisp morning in January. Even though it was cold there were still two plot holders working away on various tasks. After a stroll around it was apparent that people have been busy in recent days/weeks preparing for the new season. Hubert from plot 149 was putting the … Continue reading A Cold January Morning at Powerstown