When is an Espresso Not an Espresso??

This week on the plot we began to plan, weed and seed. During the fine weather the last of the raised beds have been weeded with the added bonus of finding the last of the 2014 spring onion harvest to bring home. I shared some with my neighbour who was busy digging drills and securing the fruit cage in anticipation of the 2015 season.

wpid-wp-1426710816430.jpegThe plot has survived the winter quite well. I have some work to do to fix my fence and my shed has developed woodworm. I think that is mild compared to last years damage with the wind and storms in February 2014.

There seems to be a lot more activity on the plots this year. Last year it was very quiet until the end of March and then a scramble of activity to prepare plots for the new season.

The Interim Commitee held a Meet & Greet session in the local library last week and this has drummed up energy and interest again. This is very nice to see.

Our allotment is laid out in raised beds. I have to say that I find it so much easier to maintain than a free-form plot. There are of course pros and cons though, like how they dry out faster during the hot summer. But it is at this time of the year that I really appreciate them.

At home we have been nurturing some seedlings. A few weeks ago we invested in a propagator from ALDI. Within 3 days the broad beans and pumpkin seeds had already started to break the surface of the soil.


With no larger pots to hand we made use of some espresso coffee cups from work! A few holes punched into the bottom of them to let excess water drain out, and they look like they will last until the weekend.

So, an espresso is not an espresso … when its a Bunyard Bean!!


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