A sale of our very own honey 🍯, homemade jam, and preserves took place on site on Saturday 29 April.

Donations from plot holders, of such delectable, delightful, and delicious goodies 😋 were accepted for sale on the day and big thanks to everyone who contributed

All proceeds (over €250) will go towards the development and improvement of Powerstown Allotments.

Many thanks for your support 🙏

The AGM was held on Saturday 18 February 2023 at Mulhuddart Community Centre (many thanks to the staff for their hospitality on the day).

Food Waste Reduction , a very timely topic in this time of rising prices was held on Saturday 8 October at 11:30 am in the Blanchardstown Library.

Craig Benton (Dr. Compost) delivered a talk on food waste reduction as part of our composting talk series. Preventing food waste is one of the most important ways of reducing our carbon footprint. The average Irish household throws away about €800 worth of food each year. Aside from saving money, we are also protecting our environment.

In this workshop:

*we looked at the big picture related to food waste worldwide and what is going on here in Ireland,

* we explored the steps all of us can take to prevent food waste and save money. The ‘Stop Food Waste’ challenge begins with separating our food waste for a week to understand the reasons why we are throwing away good food,

*we learned all of the tips and tricks to reduce our food waste including how to plan our meals, become a better shopper, store food properly, prepare and serve food more efficiently and how to reuse good food before it becomes waste,

*all attendees received a pocket guide and other food waste prevention tools to help us turn good ideas into action.

The workshop ended with a Q&A session and we discussed all ideas related to preventing food waste at our homes.

For those who could not attend here is the link to a copy of Craig’s presentation.

The talk was supported by the Dublin Airport Authority.

Craig gave us some leaf mould cages after his talk.

Read more about leaf mould here

Nice photos from article in Dublin Gazette capturing a wonderful day at our allotments. Great photos by Alison O’Hanlon!

Thanks to Senator Emer Currie for taking the time to visit our site on Saturday 24th September.

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our Composting talk on Saturday 17th.

Michelle from Diversion Green was a full of knowledge.

Thanks to Mayor Howard Mahoney who opened the event, and to TDs Roderick O’Gorman, Paul Donnelly and Jack Chambers, Councillors Mary McCamley, Siobhain Shovlin, Angela Donnelly, JK Onwumerah, Tanya Doyle, Breda Hanafy and Pamela Conroy.

Many thanks to all who contributed the delicious food, and donated to our produce tent.

Thank you also for lovely Tweets!


*the composting talk supported by the Dublin Airport Authority.

AUGUST clean up

Before and after pictures

Tea, coffee, cake and sandwiches break 🙂

  • The joys of community forest gardening: a conversation as part of the “Together WE CAN” open space.

Monday 23rd May 19:00 to 20:00+ UK time

It’s is about at how can community forest gardens help solve many environmental & social issues (food security, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, clean air, social, etc)

Register for this session:…/tZ0rcu6srzkrE9AV…

  • Skip on site for clean up weekend Friday 29 April to Monday 2 May 2022.
  • Meet and greet with local Fingal county councillors Saturday 30 April, take a look in Dublin Gazette article about the event, pages 6 and 14.
  • The AGM 2022 was held at 11am Saturday 2 April 2022 in Blanchardstown Library.

2017 Annual Open day:

Sat 4 Feb 2017 @ 2pm in Blanchardstown Library.

The speaker this year is John Harrington, who recently retired from his post as Senior Gardener for Fingal County Council. John has worked in the horticultural industry for more than 40 years, and has a in-depth knowledge of all things gardening. The talk will be followed as usual by tea & refreshments & chat.


One thought on “Events

  1. Hello,

    My husband and I rented alotment number 16, this year. We spoke with one of your member and he told us to contact you and to ask you for the number of the guy who are cultivating. Is there any chance to get his number, we would like to prepare our garden 😊
    Thank you forward and I wish you a happy Easter.


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