Allotment Committee


Committee background

  1. The Committee consists of 8 people who are voted in at the AGM.
  2. The Committee are all volunteers and not employees of the Council.
  3. The Committee will elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer each year, and meet about once a month.
  4. The original role of the Committee was to act as liaison between plotholders and Fingal County Council as regards various issues, but the role has changed a lot in the past few years – to be explained further
  5. Of the 8 committee members, 4 are stepping down, after between 6-8 years of volunteering for the site.
Before the Committee was formed only 60% of the plots were occupied on site – now there is a waiting list. The site was not in a good state and the amenities present today were not available.
People may not be aware but the Council do not maintain the site – this is ALL done by the Committee and many great volunteers who come out regularly to help with all the site maintenance.
The site will only continue to look good with help from volunteers.

Committee work and achievements:

  1. Creation of 1916 garden, with BBQ, Picnic Tables and Planting & maintenance of area.
  2. Acquisition of Community polytunnel – covering and installing raised beds & facilitating annual rentals.
  3. Flower beds around the parking lot, with donated planting.
  4. Maintenance of grass paths.
  5. Orchard maintenance – over 100 trees.
  6. Establishment of protected native Irish honey bee apiary.
  7. Acquisition of a range of maintenance equipment, grass mowers, strimmers, shredder, wheelbarrows etc.
  8. Obtained Storage Cabin for equipment.
  9. Maintenance of machinery.
  10. Obtaining bark from FCC several times a year to facilitate plot maintenance.
  11. Installation of compost areas and leaf mould containers on site.
  12. Obtaining skips at start and end of growing season.

Education and Social activities:

The Committee organise several social and educational events each year.
  1. Christmas party / Summer BBQ / Harvest day.
  2. Open days / Library talks / night course.
  3. On site demos – pruning / composting.
  4. Bee keeping training.
  5. Social Media outreach: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website.
  6. Obtained Lifeguards hut – used as catering hub for events.
  7. Acquisition of family plot and facilitation of same.

Security & safety:

Through constant requests to the Council the Committee have secured the following over the years.
  1. More suitable security fencing down neighbours side to prevent animals entering the site.
  2. Proper security fencing along marsh perimeter fence.
  3. Movement of the Front Gate back several metres for safer entry and exit.
  4. Inclusion of a proper security fence for front of site in the current budget.
The Committee also notify and meet with the Gardai regarding break-ins.

Allotment Association funding:

The only funding the Allotment Association get is the €10 membership fee paid by each potholder.
The Committee fundraise by:
  1. Selling honey & preserves.
  2. Renting out plots in the community polytunnel.
  3. Obtaining grant funding.
The bee apiary, the 1916 garden, various maintenance equipment and education courses were all funded by grants.



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