What to do on your plot in July?

Ever wondered what you should do each month on your plot? Tony, one of our plot holders and a committee member sends a monthly 'to do' list to all plot holders. Here's the one for July. Check out our Allotment Calendar on the website for more great ideas! July to do list: Prune this year’s Pear/Plum … Continue reading What to do on your plot in July?

Eats, Shoots and Leaves!

Contributed by Ritamary, Plot 21 Yes, that is the title of a famous grammar book, showing the perils of wrong punctuation.  This description of a Panda’s dining habits, with its carelessly positioned comma, gave an altogether wrong impression of the much loved Panda!   But fear not, this blog is not going to grill you … Continue reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves!

Powerstown Allotments Association presents an evening course in fruit and vegetable growing

Have you ever thought about growing your own fruit and vegetables but do not know how to start?Have your ever bought vegetables that did not last any length of time, even when stored in your fridge?Then you could be benefit from taking a course in growing your own. Powerstown Allotments Association are holding an eight week evening course … Continue reading Powerstown Allotments Association presents an evening course in fruit and vegetable growing

Vegetable Seeds for Easy to Grow Gardens

For beginner gardeners and for those who want a simple life there are some low maintenance herbs & vegetable seeds for a productive vegetable plot. All vegetables require a certain amount of care & protection and if you are well prepared & equipped then the work load becomes much easier. The low maintenance vegetable seeds … Continue reading Vegetable Seeds for Easy to Grow Gardens

The Allotment – Onion and Shallot Planting

The Green Man

Well the weather hasn’t been very good the last few weeks down here in sunny Kent, so it’s been a case of get up to the allotment between bouts of snow, hail, sleet,rain and everything else in-between: I think there was even a day of sunshine, although it came with gale force winds.

A wee while ago I ordered some onion sets from the RHS.

Sets are a quicker way than seed to grow onions, although of course, if it’s easier there’s always a disadvantage; which in this case is, they are prone to whats called ‘bolting’, basically; they start the flowering process.

So whys that bad then? Well onions are ‘Biennial’ plants.With biennial plants the seed is sown in the first year, during which the plant forms shoots and roots. At the end of the first year, the plant goes into a dormant phase. In year two, when regrowth…

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Seed potatoes and their most common pests

The versatile potato remains the most popular vegetables to grow for Irish gardener. However growing your own spuds is not without its drawbacks and challenges as they are susceptible to both disease and pest attacks in many forms. Everyone is aware of the harm that seed potatoes blight can cause but in this article we hope to outline … Continue reading Seed potatoes and their most common pests