How to grow Sweet Potatoes in Ireland

Contributed by Mary, Plot no 57

This is the method I have been given, but I have not tried this myself:

  • Put your sweet potato sitting in a jar of water. Half of the potato in water and half out of water.
  • This water should be changed every 2nd day.
  • Keep in a warm and dark place or in a dark place with bottom heat.
  • Roots should develop first, then shoots (with any luck)
  • Bring into the light once the shoots appear.
  • When shoots are 1 ft. long, detach very carefully from potato, put in water to grow roots.
  • Then plant out into a poly tunnel or warm area as they are a tropical plant.

Good luck!



2 thoughts on “How to grow Sweet Potatoes in Ireland

  1. The sweet potato should be planted out in a wood or clay pot, or in a deep raised bed in sandy soil with added compost. The pot should be deep and wide, at least 45*45cm or more. A large grow bag would probably not be deep enough. This is a trailing plant so allow for that if planting in a pot. Water weekly, or more in dry weather. Good luck! We have two in out community polytunnel but they are slow to take off, hopefully this hot spell will get them moving.

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