A Plotholders Paradise

2017 has been an excellent, enjoyable and "fruitful" year for me at Powerstown. I invested in a 20ft X 10 ft Polytunnel. I left it quite late to make the decision and therefore it was all hands on deck to kit the tunnel out once it was installed. I have two plots at Powerstown. The … Continue reading A Plotholders Paradise

Bee swarm

Short blog today....we had a bee swarm at Powerstown allotments last month - the queen (who was clipped and therefore could not fly away) decided to move out of the hive and the bees swarmed along the ground. Luckily they were spotted and encouraged back in by our intrepid bee-keepers as it fell to zero … Continue reading Bee swarm

Plot Bee – Coming to Powerstown soon!

Good news allotment holders! Powerstown are to welcome some new and very helpful plot holders in the near future. Powerstown committee has been working on this for some time, and we are really excited about it. You may have noticed the new fencing beside the pump house? This is Plot Bee in the making. We … Continue reading Plot Bee – Coming to Powerstown soon!