End of year message

To: All Powerstown Allotment Members.

The 2016 season has come to an end and now the end of the year is near. It’s that time of year to reflect and look back over the last year on events and thanking those who have helped us get through it, with some resemblance of sanity.

2016, has been a fairly busy year in comparison to 2015, with organising the Annual Open Day, resolving issues with the security fencing, setting up of the Bee area, working on the Orchard, planting the hawthorn hedging, developing the 1916 Commemoration Garden and the Barbecue Day.

First, I would thank everyone who helped the committee during the year. You do not know how good it is to see people who are willing to help, and who do not need much encouragement to help others. This we could have more of. As they say a burden shared is a burden halved.

I hope that as a committee we have represented you in dealing with the Council. We have tried as best we can to develop the site in a way that we think you would appreciate, by providing facilities that you can use and to enable you to work on your plot in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Of course, this is ongoing work and we would appreciate any feedback, or if there is something that you feel would benefit the allotment area, then, please do not hesitate in contacting any member of the committee. We are always looking for ways to develop the site and to be an example for other Council sites to emulate. As the world is getting crazier by the day please help us make the allotments an area where one can go to, switch off, relax and be with one with the environment.

A site is only as good as its members, but also of its committee. I would like to thank Karen for her term as our former Chairperson who kept us all on the straight and narrow, RitaMary for her source of unique ideas (Bees – what next… Pigs), knowledge of the medicinal properties of herbs, John for his barbecue and his secretarial skills, Catherine for keeping a death grip on the finances, Gerry for his security patrols, his construction empire and his unique views on justice, and for Joanna and David who have only just joined the committee for their assistance during the year. I also want to thank Trisha who helped us in setting up the committee and being involved with various projects.

Finally, on behalf of the committee I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the holiday period. I hope that 2017 will bring peace to you and your families, a season of good growth and bountiful produce, long warm summer days and a happy environment.

Take Care



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