What to do on your plot in July?

Ever wondered what you should do each month on your plot? Tony, one of our plot holders and a committee member sends a monthly ‘to do’ list to all plot holders.

Here’s the one for July. Check out our Allotment Calendar on the website for more great ideas!

July to do list:

  • Prune this year’s Pear/Plum tree growth to within 3 to 4 shoots
  • Continue to water container grown vegetables
  • Pinch off tomato side shoots
  • Harvest early potatoes
  • Net up late season strawberries
  • Propagate strawberry runners
  • Source seed potatoes for sowing in August for Christmas harvest (Sorry- Is it too early to mention it!)
  • Feed flowering tomatoes
  • Harvest and dry out onions when foliage has turned yellow
  • Continue to hoe between rows of vegetables
  • Erect barriers to prevent carrot root fly damage
  • Watch out for aphid infestation on broad beans
  • Remove lower leaves on tomatoes when first fruit start to ripen
  • Harvest raspberries when ripened
  • Plant out winter cabbages/cauliflowers
  • Plant Kale for winter harvesting
  • Plant Brussels Sprouts (for you guessed it Christmas or early New Year 🙂 )



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