The Allotment – Onion and Shallot Planting

The Green Man

Well the weather hasn’t been very good the last few weeks down here in sunny Kent, so it’s been a case of get up to the allotment between bouts of snow, hail, sleet,rain and everything else in-between: I think there was even a day of sunshine, although it came with gale force winds.

A wee while ago I ordered some onion sets from the RHS.

Sets are a quicker way than seed to grow onions, although of course, if it’s easier there’s always a disadvantage; which in this case is, they are prone to whats called ‘bolting’, basically; they start the flowering process.

So whys that bad then? Well onions are ‘Biennial’ plants.With biennial plants the seed is sown in the first year, during which the plant forms shoots and roots. At the end of the first year, the plant goes into a dormant phase. In year two, when regrowth…

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