Reflections on my allotment…….by our allotment holders

From Ritamary, allotment holder in Powerstown for 3 years:


I really enjoy the opportunity to be out in the ‘country’ – I love growing food, it’s great to have your own fresh produce in the kitchen, and nice to share too, when it catches up on you.  I suppose my pet joy is my herb garden, home grown parsley is so superior to supermarket, and a couple of small nursery plants will supply you with enough to make tabouleh whenever you want (a great middle eastern salad with loads of parsley – fantastically refreshing for summer).

I’m a herb nerd, and I grow herbs for kitchen, cosmetic use, and home remedies.  I started off for fun, but I’m a convert now.  Infused vinegars are brilliant for salads, infused herbs for cooking.  Herbs grown in the open air, in the good earth are very different to the forced offerings on sale.  I swear by sage infused vinegar for sprains (yes it is smelly but incredibly effective), chamomile tea for jangled nerves at bed time, comfrey infused oil for bruises, and sprains and for strengthening healing bones.

Marigold (calendula) is so easy to grow. It is an antiseptic of very long standing (it was used to pack wounds in the first world war to great effect), and an infused cream is very kind to sunburned or very dry skin.

Your own culinary herbs make a great contribution to your kitchen, are easy to grow, and you can dry your own for winter use too.


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