April at Powerstown Allotments

We had such a busy month in April this year at Powerstown! The warm weather experienced for much of the month gave a kick start to the work ahead. It is always nice to be up at the plots with the sun beating the trees.

Everyone has been busy preparing for the new season. Existing plot holders were surveying their plots and drawing up new plans. This is the most important time of the season when decisions are made which can affect yields and sanity!

There are some major improvements to be seen on the site this month.

  1. A Community Polytunnel has been provided by the committee.
  2. A cleanup day was held and we filled a skip with debris from all over the site.
  3. Councillor Mary McCamley came to visit the allotments. We were delighted to have her support and interest.
  4. Water taps have been serviced and underlying leaks repaired.
  5. Lots of new plotholders have arrived and there is great community spirit.

It is with great regret that I learnt a very hard lesson this month though. Even though the sun in Ireland is splitting the trees – always watch out for the last frost! Most of us where caught out by a very sneaky few days of frost towards the end of April. Just as the first sprouts of early spuds surfaced and we had a chance to admire them and pat ourselves on the back – frost!



I refer back to my earlier post on Planting Pumpkins and Squashes. I should have nurtured them in the greenhouse at home and potted them up. Instead I transferred them to the allotments too early. Although they were in a plastic cold frame and  covered with horticultural fleece they were still damaged. Most of the courgette plants have been burnt but the Atlantic Pumpkin may just survive. I had also spent too much time admiring the surfacing spuds when I should have been earthing them up to minimize the damage.

I have since sown more squash seeds – in case I have fatalities. If I have any extras then I’ll have them up at the Seedling Swap on May 16th which is after the AGM. See you there?


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