Top 10 things to do with Courgettes

 Lily Barclay – Senior writer –

Courgette & bacon pasta1. Perfect pasta

Who can resist a comforting bowl of pasta? Quick, cheap and popular with kids this is the perfect dish to use up the humble courgette. Cheese & tomato pasta bakes can be made in bulk and frozen so are perfect for busy families and carbonara-style courgette & bacon pasta can be whipped up in minutes. Or if you are looking for something simple but special then check out this creamy courgette lasagne.

Courgette & mushroom tart2. Tart it up

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or a casual summer picnic, the savoury tart has to be one of our favourite dishes. And as far as we’re concerned courgettes and cheese are a match made in heaven – try it in a courgette & goat’s cheese tart or a courgette, mushroom & mozarella tart.

Chocolate courgette cake3. Cakes and bakes

Courgettes are not just for savoury dishes, and this moistchocolate courgette cake is a decadent way to prove the point. Try a zesty and fragrant bake with this frosted courgette & lemon cake or get the kids in the kitchen and help them whip up a batch of courgette muffins with this child-friendly recipe.

Butter bean, grilled courgette, roast red pepper & chorizo salad4. Super salads

Courgettes’ subtle, delicate flavours lend themselves well to salads where they can be showcased with true simplicity. This minted courgette salad is full of fresh, fragrant flavours. Give it a Spanish twist with roast red peppers & chorizo, or enjoy it raw and thinly sliced with quinoa & fetafor a filling summer salad.

Courgette, potato & cheddar soup5. Soothing soups

With our unpredictable British summer, a soothing courgette soup can be the perfect thing to see you through a cool summer evening. Get comfort in a bowl with this heartycourgette, potato & cheddar soup , make it light with spring vegetables & basil pesto or spruce up a rocket & courgette soup with goat’s cheese croutons.

Crunchy courgette pickle6. In a pickle

You can’t find a better way to preserve your courgette crop than with a chutney or pickle, and they also make great gifts for friends and family. Crunchy courgette pickle makes a scrumptious side to cold poached salmon or barbecued burgers for a true summery hit. Or add a bit of punch to your pickle with this courgette & tomato chutney.

Veggie pizza7. Pizza perfection

Add the taste of a British summer to this Italian classic, from super-healthy veggie delight to this Frying pan pizza. Having trouble getting the kids to share the courgette love? This cheesy courgette pizza ought to do the trick.

Try these courgette pizza recipes.

Cheesy baked courgettes8. Super side

We do love courgettes but they don’t always have to be the star of the show. Cheesy baked courgettes are delicious served with grilled meat and fish, and we cannot resistcourgette fritters as a healthy alternative to chips. Serve this griddled courgette with pine nuts as a starter, side or with a variety of other sides for a tapas-style feast.

Explore our courgette side recipes.

Courgette, potato & cheddar bread9. Use your loaf

Who can resist a slice of home baked bread fresh from the oven? Try serving courgette & mushroom bread as a side to a summer soup or simply with a bit of butter. Make something different to the usual loaf with courgette, potato & cheddar bread or add a bit of spice with Indian bread with courgettes and coriander.

Summer courgette risotto10. Stir it up

Stir seasonal courgettes into a light, fresh risotto for the perfect dinner party dish. This fresh one-pot summer courgette risotto should be a hit with everyone, including the kids. Or add a touch of sophistication in a risotto with spicy courgettes and saffron.


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