Homemade preserve recipes

Courtesy of Trisha, Plot 38 Gooseberry Chutney 1 litre/2 pints of green gooseberries 275g/ 10oz sultanas 1 onion 1 litre/2 pints vinegar 40g /1 1/2 oz ground ginger 40g /1 1/2oz mustard seed 75g/3oz salt 225g/ 8oz sugar 7.5g/1/4oz cayenne pepper 15g/1/2oz turmeric Chop the gooseberries,sultanas and onion;put into the preserving pan with the vinegar,ginger,mustard … Continue reading Homemade preserve recipes


Top 10 things to do with Courgettes

 Lily Barclay - Senior writer - bbcgoodfood.com 1. Perfect pasta Who can resist a comforting bowl of pasta? Quick, cheap and popular with kids this is the perfect dish to use up the humble courgette. Cheese & tomato pasta bakes can be made in bulk and frozen so are perfect for busy families and carbonara-style … Continue reading Top 10 things to do with Courgettes

Vegetable Seeds for Easy to Grow Gardens

For beginner gardeners and for those who want a simple life there are some low maintenance herbs & vegetable seeds for a productive vegetable plot. All vegetables require a certain amount of care & protection and if you are well prepared & equipped then the work load becomes much easier. The low maintenance vegetable seeds … Continue reading Vegetable Seeds for Easy to Grow Gardens