Plot Bee – Coming to Powerstown soon!

Good news allotment holders! Powerstown are to welcome some new and very helpful plot holders in the near future. Powerstown committee has been working on this for some time, and we are really excited about it. You may have noticed the new fencing beside the pump house? This is Plot Bee in the making. We … Continue reading Plot Bee – Coming to Powerstown soon!

Eats, Shoots and Leaves!

Contributed by Ritamary, Plot 21 Yes, that is the title of a famous grammar book, showing the perils of wrong punctuation.  This description of a Panda’s dining habits, with its carelessly positioned comma, gave an altogether wrong impression of the much loved Panda!   But fear not, this blog is not going to grill you … Continue reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves!

Homemade preserve recipes

Courtesy of Trisha, Plot 38 Gooseberry Chutney 1 litre/2 pints of green gooseberries 275g/ 10oz sultanas 1 onion 1 litre/2 pints vinegar 40g /1 1/2 oz ground ginger 40g /1 1/2oz mustard seed 75g/3oz salt 225g/ 8oz sugar 7.5g/1/4oz cayenne pepper 15g/1/2oz turmeric Chop the gooseberries,sultanas and onion;put into the preserving pan with the vinegar,ginger,mustard … Continue reading Homemade preserve recipes

Powerstown Allotments Association presents an evening course in fruit and vegetable growing

Have you ever thought about growing your own fruit and vegetables but do not know how to start?Have your ever bought vegetables that did not last any length of time, even when stored in your fridge?Then you could be benefit from taking a course in growing your own. Powerstown Allotments Association are holding an eight week evening course … Continue reading Powerstown Allotments Association presents an evening course in fruit and vegetable growing

Benefits of Pyrethrum

The availability and use of chemicals in gardening is coming under more and more scrutiny in recent years. While organic gardening was a popular trend in previous years, this trend as begun to develop in to a more conservation focused method of gardening. Many commonly used garden chemicals are slowly being removed from shelves as … Continue reading Benefits of Pyrethrum

Top 10 things to do with Courgettes

 Lily Barclay - Senior writer - 1. Perfect pasta Who can resist a comforting bowl of pasta? Quick, cheap and popular with kids this is the perfect dish to use up the humble courgette. Cheese & tomato pasta bakes can be made in bulk and frozen so are perfect for busy families and carbonara-style … Continue reading Top 10 things to do with Courgettes