A Plotholders Paradise

2017 has been an excellent, enjoyable and “fruitful” year for me at Powerstown. I invested in a 20ft X 10 ft Polytunnel. I left it quite late to make the decision and therefore it was all hands on deck to kit the tunnel out once it was installed.

I have two plots at Powerstown. The first one contains a series of raised beds, some fruit bushes and a shed. This year I cleared space to build a little nook. The intention was to sit, relax and survey my plot….  when my work is done. In reality, my work is never done though 😂

My second plot was also containing raised beds until 2017. The soil is poor with lots of stones and rocks. The yield was always poor even though I enhanced the soil each year with manure, compost and topsoil.

I researched several companies first and settled on Polytunnels Direct, who had previously installed a larger tunnel on the site. My neighbour Susan has named the tunnel “Southfork” as it is the largest on our side of the allotments.

The polytunnel has definitely increased the yield I get from the plot. I have been able to grow crops like butternut squash, asparagus pea and Edamame (Soya) beans. These require a lot of heat to get going.

Butternut Squash

An early harvest

I lined the walls of the tunnel with successional sowings of Shiraz, Kelvin Wonder, Jumbo and French beans. The centre became an area for tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, cucumber, corn and misc salads.


The corn has already hit the roof of the tunnel, with no sign of tassels. The variety planted was “Minipop”, which can get to 8ft in height!


Next year I plan to change the layout of the raised beds in the tunnel. I also plan to try some new varieties. I have a new bed beside the nook which will be blooming with flowers for the bees.


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