July at Powerstown

Isn’t the site looking good! Here’s some examples of different ways to grow – traditional drills vs raised beds. What’s your preference?

P1060829 P1060816 P1060817 P1060818

Soft fruit does well here at Powerstown, here are examples from the site including raspberries, strawberries and various currents:

P1060873 P1060819 P1060824 P1060834 P1060861 P1060869

A lot of people put sheds up in Powerstown, take a look at these:

P1060812 P1060820 P1060823

Fencing also varies a lot, pallets, chicken wire and tennis netting are all popular:

P1060818 P1060827 P1060859 P1060814

Our plotholders have created some great structures to protect their produce from birds:

P1060870 P1060815 P1060826 P1060857 P1060862

Let’s not forget flowers, great to attract pollinators and detract pests from your vegetables!

P1060821  P1060825 P1060833 P1060844P1060848


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