No rest for the dedicated

As cold as it may be, the dedicated allotmenteer will always weather the storm.

our veg plot

Whilst many think being an allotmenteer is all about spring and summer the old stalwarts know that is really not so. There are so many jobs to be done over the cooler winter months in preparation for the long awaited spring period. So last weekend was all about pruning and fencing. As you can see from the photos we have the basic structure of the new fence piece. We decided it was time to mark our boundaries and it helps keep the dog on the plot!

The other main job of the weekend was to tackle the rose hip it was getting out of control and too tall to harvest so the tops came off. I was surprised though at how many dead branches there were in the middle so they came out easily as they didn’t have thorns that kept trying to attack me!

New fencing New fencing is definitely a…

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