T H Y M E & B E A N & L E N T I L S T E W

lovely stew 🙂


This winter stew is a protein packed, filling meal that’ll keep you going for the rest of the afternoon, taking the edge off that winter chill and perfect for a Saturday lunch.

We wanted to keep it seasonal with those wintery flavours that go so well with a comforting stew. Using thyme, sage and nutmeg we threw together this dish that you can just leave simmering away on the stove until you’re ready to eat.
It is best served with a crusty loaf or a crisped baked potato to soak up the juices, but we needed to use up some pitta breads.

Please feel free to adapt and change according to what you have in your fridge and cupboards – stews and soups are all about using up leftovers and making them into something delicious.


I N G R E D I E N T S (Serves two):

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Powerstown bees going a little way to save the planet..

Things To Talk About

I’ve got my eye on you ! Photography done by constance carlsen

“Allsorts of fruit and vegetables are pollinated by honey bees, such as broccoli and squash, apples and almonds. Pollination is not just important for the food we eat directly, it’s vital for the foraging crops, such as field beans and clover, used to feed the livestock we depend on for meat”

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